Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Phillip Best Of The Legal World?

The alarmingly faced individual pictured above is Prof. Christopher M. Fairman of the Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University, and, for a lawyer, he's an interesting chap, having published such notable articles/papers as "No McJustice for Fat Kids", "Heightened Pleading" (which is a power electronics title seeking sonic realisation if ever I heard one), and, most fantastically of all, "Fuck", which, in the words of the abstract;

is as simple and provocative as its title suggests: it explores the legal implications of the word fuck. The intersection of the word fuck and the law is examined in four major areas: First Amendment, broadcast regulation, sexual harassment, and education. The legal implications from the use of fuck vary greatly with the context. To fully understand the legal power of fuck, the nonlegal sources of its power are tapped. Drawing upon the research of etymologists, linguists, lexicographers, psychoanalysts, and other social scientists, the visceral reaction to fuck can be explained by cultural taboo. Fuck is a taboo word. The taboo is so strong that it compels many to engage in self-censorship. This process of silence then enables small segments of the population to manipulate our rights under the guise of reflecting a greater community. Taboo is then institutionalized through law, yet at the same time is in tension with other identifiable legal rights. Understanding this relationship between law and taboo ultimately yields fuck jurisprudence.

And which can be downloaded here if it sounds like yr sort of thing...