Friday, 27 January 2012

El Aeroembolismo

Takehasi Kosugi - Catch Wave (Phoenix)
Richard Youngs - Amaranthine (Mie Music)
Richard Youngs - Core To The Brave (Root Strata)
Rrose - Artificial Light 1969-1909 (Sandwell District)
C.C. Hennix - The Electric Harpsichord (Dieschatchel)
Up-Tight & Anla Courtis - Hamamatsu Power (8mm)
Matsuo Ohno - I Saw The Outer Limits (EM Records)
Henry Flynt - Purified By The Fire (Locust)
Henry Flynt - Glissando No.1 (Recorded)
Cut Hands - Afro Noise EP (Artecnico)
Function - Ember (Sandwell District)
Majutsu No Niwa - Sylvania 7027 Live (8mm)
Temporal Marauder - Makes You Feel (Spectrum Spools)
Joan La Barbara - Voice Is The Original Instrument (Lovely Music)
F.C. Judd - Electronics Without Tears (Public Information)
Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho - Paêbirú (Shadoks)
Dominique Grimaud - Les Quatre Directions (Locust)
KPLR - Untitled (Digitalis Recordings)
Marijata - This Is Marijata (Gapophone Records)
Chief Brigadier Olu Oni & His Marathon System - Juju Marathon System Vol. 1 (Klimt)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Inspiracións Uno

Still not really in the mood for writing properly at the moment, even though there's a fuckload of ideas whirling around my head that I will somehow have to get into some coherent form to make room for the next load of weird shit to fill the space again. In lieu of anything sensible from me, I'd like to present two wonderful programmes (which, admittedly do occasionally draw on the same material, but seriously, don't let that put you off) on one of the greatest non-musical inspirations and influences on my warped little mind*: Richard Feynman; iconoclast, prankster, safe cracker, strip club afficianado, bongo player extraordianaire, and, oh yeah, the greatest physicist of the second half of the twentieth century...

I firmly believe that every fucking anti-science luddite fuckwit on Earth should be sat down and forced to watch these programs, if only because I'd enjoy watching their comforting stereotypes of science and it's practitioners slowly and carefully dismantled by a man whose intelligence, compassion and all-encompassing, outrageously open-minded worldview is a lesson to us all. Oh, and he has almost as much time for philosophy as I do.

For more Feynman-oriented awesomeness, go here.

*I don't really do heroes, but this is about as close as I get.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


The last few weeks have been bloody hard work, for the usual (and a few unusual) reasons. But instead of moaning at great length, I'm going to watch this fantastic early Sabbath gig for about the 86th time. You should too, as not only is this probably the fucking finest Sabbath gig I've ever seen or heard, and, and this is important, it sounds a damn sight fucking better than their records of the same era*, and, all you Sabbath geeks, quite a few of the tracks from Paranoid have vastly different (and considerably nastier) lyrics compared to their studio counterparts.

*I love Paranoid to death, but it does have one of the shittiest drum sounds in the history of recorded music. Bill probably wasn't wearing his lucky pyjamas when they recorded it...