Monday, 8 June 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen, It's Got Eight Limbs & A Distributed Brain, It Shouldn't Be Able To Survive Out Of The Water, And Yet It Thrives!

Tell yr friends. Come witness the return of the mighty

Oh yes, Octopus finally returns to the lovely (if somewhat echoey) Cafe Oto, with a rather fucking fine line-up consisting of:

Craig Tamlin - Drums/Percussion
Shura Greenberg - Double Bass
Andrew John - Electric Bass
Shabaka Huthchings - Bass Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone
Oren Marshall - Tuba
Illi Adato - Percussion
Gareth Wilkins - Arp/Moog/Rhodes
Lee Knight - Guitar

So why not come along, enjoy some excellent organic locally brewed ales or the marvellous Normandy ciders and immerse yrself in the world of the Octopoda.

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