Friday, 9 July 2010

Sí, Soy Colocado, Or, What Would You Do If I Stuck My Cock In The Warp Drive?

Of course I'm fucking stoned, otherwise I wouldn't be urging you to stop reading this and go and watch the revoiced/re-editied Star Trek clips on The Dayjob Orchestra's youtube channel. The Next Generation clips especially are puke-inducingly funny, the Enterprise's crew reimagined as a group of thick as pigshit, sex-crazed intergalactic drug traffickers with appalling taste in music. That so much care (the voices are almost fucking dead-on, and the choice of words to fit the lipsync so good) has gone into something so unbelievably childish, peurile and aimed squarely at an audience of stoners brings me great joy. A word to the wise tho, don't listen to DJO's music unless you really, really like Dream Theater.

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