Thursday, 17 February 2011

Remolinos Del Sonido Eléctrico

OK people. get ready for this. Two (count 'em) of the UK's finest blugmongering duos will be psychedeliciously slicing their way through yr heads and hearts at Cafe Oto next friday. Headlining will be those whirling dervishes of ever-ascending radiant modal clatter, Mick Flower and Neil Campbell, ably supported by Morgen & Nite in laser-guided brain-burn synth'n'guitar gut-rot mode. Oh yeah.

Six quid in advance, eight on the door, details and directions at the Oto website.

And yes, it is now officially "&" instead of "und". Because we like ampersands. That's why.


  1. see you both there! we are HOT for it

  2. Goddam, whose pedals are all of these???

    Marvellous gig, marvellous evening - you guys should play out more often.

  3. Andie, I have no idea what kind of weirdo would think they need that many pedals...

    Seriously tho, it was a fucking great evening, it's hard to go wrong with a combination of face-melting psychedelia and good people, especially in such convivial surroundings. NC & MF were fantastic, could have listened to them all night, thanks so much for suggesting us as the support!!

    And yeah, I really want to do a lot more M&N stuff this year, hopefully we'll be blasting our particular brand of other into many lugholes over the coming months...