Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hola Amigos

Right, I'm finally comfortably ensconced in the new Wommm HQ, and rather fucking nice it is too. My interweb will be up and running in a few days (I'm typing this on my bloody phone), and then normal service will be resumed, emails will be replied to, and the posting of music and beasts and all the usual randomness will recommence then. I just thought I'd post this to let you all know that I didn't eat my own leg due to the frustration of moving*, and to say hello.

*Although I do have food poisoning, probably due to an extremely dubious, albeit tasty, burrito.


  1. Alright Alright.

    Glad to hear you're settled again.

  2. I was just thinking of you during the week, a guy I know (but not well enough to know he'd be into it) was grinning about having been at the Brunel Electronic and Analogue Music festival, and having built his own analogue synth and I thought "Oh, I wonder if the good Doctor had heard of that" - though now that I actually see the site, I would imagine that some parts of it are more your cup of tea than others.