Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bestia Excelente Dieciséis

The rare transcendence-seeking coypu* contemplates the nature of vegetable before eating.

*Or nutria, as you insist on calling them in America. Nutria is a fucking stupid name for an animal. Sounds like a fucking energy drink or some sort of revolting dietary supplement.


  1. Dumbest name for an animal ever...sounds like an alien or a test tube animal.

    Used to be a big problem in New Orleans before the storm. I think they're makin a comeback...The Return of the Nutria.

  2. If that was a horror film, I'd watch it. Might be even better than the staggeringly stupid Night Of The Lepus, which was in turn based on the equally dumb book The Year Of The Angry Rabbit, in which giant mutant rabbits run amok in Australia while the Prime Minister uses a new super weapon to dominate the planet.