Thursday, 23 February 2012

Melocotón Ahumado

I may have mentioned how partial I am to a good cocktail once or twice in the past, and when it comes to such alcoholic delights, I tend to favour rum or gin based concoctions. But I recently tried and fell in love with a cocktail based on two things I'd never normally let near a cocktail, one of which I'd normally refuse to drink just on principle. The two drinks in question are single malt whisky, and a heavily peated one at that (a drink which, under normal circumstances, should only be mixed with very pure water*) and vanilla cognac. Yes, I did say vanilla cognac. I know, it sounds fucking horrible**, and it is, on its own anyway. But mixed with the right whisky and one more ingredient some form of alcoholic alchemy occurs and you end up with something that's both deliciously smoky-sweet and has a boozy kick that would make Bruce Lee piss himself with fear.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, may I present the recipe for the most unexpectedly, uncannily delicious drink you've never tasted: The Smoky Peach.

2 parts vanilla cognac***
1 part peaty as all hell single malt§ (if over 50%abv use a little less)
Dash of peach bitters

Mix the cognac and whisky. Add bitters. Stir. Add ice. That's it. Fucking wonderful, like a honeyed alcoholic barbecue. And remember, on no account drink the vanilla cognac on it's own, no matter how drunk you already are.

Oh, and one more thing, easy on the bitters or you will fuck it up.

*Some people seem to think putting water into whisky dilutes the taste. When it's a 65% cask-strength bastard it enables you to actually taste the fucker properly.

**That's the polite version. It's actually much worse than you think. Like collecting Satan's arsecrack sweat and distilling it before mixing it with saccharine. Actually worse than that fucking "cherry-infused" abomination Jim Beam make. I can't remember what it's called, it's just too traumatic.

***Make sure it's real vanilla in there.

§Some form of Ardbeg or the peated Penderyn§§ or... I could go on for hours.

§§The only Welsh whiskey. Fucking awesome stuff. Particularly the madeira cask version. Try it as soon as you see it.


  1. lagavulin - or one of the other Islay Malts - tis best... honest.

  2. oh yeah, I do like Lagavulin a lot, but I think Ardbeg Uigeadail is probably my favourite. Nice to know others with such excellent taste are reading this stuff

  3. Ahhh...but I also drink vanilla vodka... so maybe I have really suspect taste...
    The blog is interesting. Your writing style strong - hypnotic in places. I just need to work out what most of the words mean...

  4. Nothing wrong with vanilla vodka. Vanilla Stoli and ice cold coke is a fucking killer drink. And thanks for the kind words, I've just read, enjoyed and agreed with every word of yr last post, that shit drives me fucking mental... We are adults aren't we? I wonder sometimes.

    Or, even better, equal parts vanilla Stoli and Smirnoff Nordic* mixed with equal parts lemonade and coke. The proportions are up to you...

    *Looks like bog cleaner - I may have metioned this stuff before.