Sunday, 26 September 2010

Estar Or Ir Puesto De Speed

On a somewhat lighter note, here's some more excellent Dr Feelgood action from the Kursaal, Southend*, which I post for the following reasons; 1. Roxette and You Shouldn't Call The Doctor are shitkicking examples of proper UK R'n'B, 2. Wilko Johnson was on fucking fire and damn, that's a good suit, 3. Lee Brilleaux's fantastic bass drum humping, off yr tits on cheap speed tics and facial expressions and the dirtiest, but sharp as fuck, white suit known to man, and 4. and this is the important one, for all of those who wondered what a bastard suit looks like, check out the Sparkes on the bass. That's a bastard suit.

*Fucking shithole with a grey mud beach on the Thames estuary. I wouldn't bother.

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