Thursday, 13 January 2011

Por Una Sola Noche...

Damn, first solo gig today. I am somewhat excited. Especially now I've seen some of Jade's visuals for this evening, which look a bit good to say the least. All I have to do is to buy about 400 batteries for mission control and I'm all fucking set. And have a fucking enormous fry-up. That's important. I'm vaguely nervous, purely because this is the first time I've played totally solo in front of an audience, but fuck it, a little adrenaline never hurt anyone and at times I find playing the guitar to be slightly easier than walking, and I'm quite good at that after years of practice, so I think tonight (the whole night, not just me) should be rather fine. And AC, Ønsker mig lykke, and if someone remembers to record it*, I promise I'll send you a copy, because I would have loved you to be here for this.

*I can't. I'm not allowed near portable digital recorders, they die.


  1. Alright!

    Knock 'em out. Knock 'em out.

    You do have batteries for the millioniser? Somebody has picked up the Larsenettes leotards from the cleaners?

  2. Thanks man, to be honest I can't fucking wait. Everything's prepared and the launch is a go!

  3. break a leg!
    + hopefully i'll get to meet + hear you + frances next month at Oto?

  4. Thanks Neil, sorry I didn't reply before, mad dash and all that shit, it went really, really well, and as for Oto, yeah, still waiting to find out if we're on the bill, but even if we're not, I'll definitely be there anyway. See you soon hopefully.