Friday, 25 March 2011


The sun has finally come out again, which is nice, however, it feels like someone is very slowy sawing my foot in half with a rusty hacksaw, which is not. I am in a phenomenally fucking bad mood at the moment, and I am sick to fucking death of being in pain. It really fucking gets me down sometimes, and I've not been coping as well as I normally do with it lately, which is why I haven't posted, or emailed or whatever. Sorry, I'm just all up and positive one minute then plummetting downward the next and I really don't like feeling like this. So again, sorry for not emailing/phoning/whatevering you if I said I would, I'm really sorry, I'm just not exactly Mr Reliable at the moment and trying not to let this crap take over my life is taking up most of my energy and brainpower at the moment.* I'll be fine soon, I know, I just needed to vent some, as I'm storing up vast quantities of excess bile and it's going to have to come out somewhere, and that somewhere will be here.

*It's not just the pain that's getting on my nerves, there's other, far more personal stuff that eating away at me at the moment, but I just can't talk about that here, I'd just like to say, just for once, can that bit of my life please just go smoothly or in a vaguely normal manner? Fuck's sake.


  1. Hang in there dood.

    I know how much of a drag this kinda thing is...know about how it can get folks down sometimes (is fatigue [genuine the difference between the actual flu and the stuff people think they have] a symptom?

    I truly hate it for you man. I know you'll be fine, but it sucks.

  2. Thanks man, much appreciated. Fortunately fatigue isn't really a problem, it's the unpredictability and lack of warning that winds me up.

  3. Oh man, I wish I could cook for you, and hope somebody is.

  4. Cheers Spliffe, I can confirm I am eating like a horse, not that that's unusual, but what I really need is a decent bloody nights sleep...

  5. Although maybe the amazing Saffron gin one particularly lovely person bought me will help. In a medicinal manner, obviously.