Monday, 4 April 2011

Ya Estamos Otra Vez...

Okay, I'm back. Not 100% yet, but feeling slightly better in myself, a little more level after the last months constant battering, and more able to take care of shit instead of wanting to run away from it all. Thank fuck for that, and I'll say no more about it*. I'm going to listen to Red Exposure at ludicrous volume, have a big coffee and a bigger spliff, and then I may just write something that doesn't involve moaning**.

*For the mo', anyway. You know what I'm like.

**Well, not much...


  1. I've just spent the last 30 minutes clearing the rest of the days calls off my planner so I could fry my brain over here for a minute or two and this crap Mack-Donalds connection won't play 'em without stopping and starting.


  2. That's McD's for yer; can't do burgers, can't do coffee*, can't do wi-fi, can't do shit right, yet there's thousands of the bastards all over the world. Aaah, the power of advertising...

    *I'd rather drink Denny's grit than that scalding tar they severe up, mind you it's been a fair few years since I've been in a Denny's. Bet they ain't changed much tho...

  3. The Denny's you were in years ago are twice as dirty now as they were then...that's all.

    Denny's are like Waffle Houses...the first couple of months there's no place better for a real breakfast, a fry up, whatever...then they start bringing in the hookers, drug dealers and bail jumpers to work the place.

    Turned out to be a happy aggravation. I ended talking with a fella that's a DJ...probably be some Grand Puba on blog in the next few days.