Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bestia Excelente Catorce

The armadillo, nature's Transformer. This one has the astonishing ability to transform itself into an unconvincing giant walnut. Larger specimens should be approached with extreme caution as they tend to roll up into minature Death Stars and destroy rebel planets. 

Not all armadillos are Transformers though, some of them are mates of Mick Farren.


  1. Possum on the half-shell.

    I pass 20 of these things dead on the road every week...but not this particular brand.

    Just creepy.

  2. Can't help but think something that well-protected must be hiding some really tasty meat.

  3. My thoughts exactly Jess, cooked in the shell over hot stones and eaten straight from the shell with a piquant sauce... Erik, does anyone over there eat 'em? Maybe you should take one to a roadkill cafe, it could be the start of a new meaty sensation!