Thursday, 25 August 2011

El Peso (Uno Por Señorita Levy)

Two sounds that you just can't fucking touch, Aretha Franklin's voice and Duane Allman's guitar. Combined, you've pretty much got perfection, and everyone needs a li'l perfect something in their world. So, without further ado, here they are...

You gotta love the way Aretha just destroys that poor microphone. The engineer was probably shitting 'emselves.


  1. That's lovely too - but for us on the low end of the blood pressure spectrum, I love the Ella Fitzgerald/Joe Pass collaborations:

  2. Ella's wonderful, and Joe Pass is no slouch, I'll have a listen tomorrow when I'm vaguely sober... And Sandy Bull's Bach banjo awesomeness isn't on youtube, so I shall rip them off my LPs in the next couple of days and they will appear in yr email soon...

  3. Even after all these years and all those records in between...there are still only two records that I know every crack, hiss and pop on...The Best of Sam Cooke and Aretha's Gold.

    I learned to talk listening to these records...that's my Daddy.

    And Duane Allman, outside of people that knew him and a couple of hard-cores, the only musician that seems to have genuinely appreciated the genius of Elmore James.

    Excellent posts.

  4. Please do rip and send! I've found E Pluribus Unum and love it, but to get Fantasias in a form I can actually play looks like a lot of hoop jumping and being in the right country at the right time. I'll owe you very much big time.