Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Uno Más Para Dr Christensen

One more from Greeny (ignore the Nigel Watson credit, there's a good reason Greeny's family took that little shit to court), from the acid-drenched years just after he left Fleetwood Mac, around the time he recorded the greatest record no one has ever listened to properly (The End Of The Game), and before he went totally batshit. I don't agree with the lyrical sentiment, but Greeny's take on animal rights is certainly a little more clear-headed than Morrisey's self-righteous ham-fisted proselytising*, especially given his deeply fried mindstate at the time, (he's still woefully misguided tho)** and the guitar is to fucking die for.

*The Smiths. How much do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. Don't fucking get me started on his solo efforts. Straight-edge cunts can fuck off right now as well. Grow up you pious little pricks***, if you want a clear-headed perspective on man's relationship with animals I suggest you read some John Gray.

**If you want a row about eating meat, fucking bring it on, I was a vegetarian once (many, many years ago), and due to my myriad allergies it almost fucking killed me. Several times. No prizes for guessing why I went veggy, you've already guessed right, but fuck me, she was worth it. I know, shallow bastard. But, as I'm fond of saying, goddamn it, a man's gotta have a hobby... I will never go without bacons again though. I was young, I was stupid, I was in love...

***More on baiting sXe wankers soon. Really, do what you like, I don't care, believe what you like, I still don't care, but don't fucking preach to me or you will get a smack.


  1. Re. Smiths, I've only got five: with my heart, brain, soul and ears.

  2. I was a Smiths fan once...for exact same reason you gave up the meat. It was the late 80's and I was a teenage boy. Itnwas either the Smiths or Morrisey's celibacy.

    Some of the longest afternoons of my life were spent contemplating the covers of every piece of vynil they ever released...all laid out on a wood floor like a decoupage rug.

    "Yep...that's Truman Capote." "So the import is the one with the naked ass...yeah, I guess that was a dumb questions.".

    It was a lot work.

    I drew the line at the bacon though.