Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Flipado Suplemento

If the video below whetted yr appetite for more of Dr. Shankar's magnificent slide playing, the get yr arse to this here website, where you can stream the whole of her (only, as far as I know) album*. It's pretty fucking stunning, to say the least, and has the added advantage of a tabla player who doesn't drown out the fucking lead instrument. Jack Rose would have fucking loved this.

*If anyone, anywhere knows where I can procure a copy, please fucking tell me, because I'm stumped and that doesn't happen often.


  1. I'm going to New Delhi for a week or so in December, and will make inquiries.

  2. That would be brilliant, cheers Jess. Weirdly enough, you're the second person I've spoken to in as many days who's off to India in December.