Thursday, 19 January 2012


The last few weeks have been bloody hard work, for the usual (and a few unusual) reasons. But instead of moaning at great length, I'm going to watch this fantastic early Sabbath gig for about the 86th time. You should too, as not only is this probably the fucking finest Sabbath gig I've ever seen or heard, and, and this is important, it sounds a damn sight fucking better than their records of the same era*, and, all you Sabbath geeks, quite a few of the tracks from Paranoid have vastly different (and considerably nastier) lyrics compared to their studio counterparts.

*I love Paranoid to death, but it does have one of the shittiest drum sounds in the history of recorded music. Bill probably wasn't wearing his lucky pyjamas when they recorded it...


  1. I haven't been able to listen to the entire thing but, live like crack.

    There's a clip of them doing Rock Around the Clock...that kill to have on an Mp3. Maybe it's out there...and I won't have to take such drastic measures. No way.

    Then there's a live version of Paranoid, a teeth grinding version for meth heads, from a show in California...there's no way Gregg Ginn wasn't in that audience.

  2. Can you spot the misplaced "no way"?

  3. Damn, I need to hear that RATC. Is the live thing y're thinking of California Jam? That's a fucking monstrous set...