Monday, 11 October 2010


Christ, I must be battered. I've been listening to Thee fucking Hypnotics. Early shit obviously, I may be somewhat opiated but I haven't completely taken leave of my fucking sensibilities. Which, given that I'm going to post some Cows and Melvins videos as a sort of antidote to the last post (well for me anyway) some of you may disagree with. Fair enough.

That's a fucking hard song to argue with though, just the right level of wrong to make it perfectly disgusting in all the right ways. And now some Melvins, and yes, of course it's fucking Honey Bucket first up, I'm just in that sort of mood...

Followed by the fucking nastiest version of Revolve I've ever heard them crank out. And yeah, I'd love to post some early shit for you, 'cos it is even better I freely admit, but it's fucking hen's teeth to find on video and this, this is as vicious, if not as viscous, as their early shit, plus it segues into a really nasty We All Really Love Judy and then into The Brain Centre At Whipples, so what's not to fucking like?

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