Sunday, 17 October 2010


Before I go to sleep, I have to post this, because Kraftwerk's criminally unavailable early LPs* haven't been heard by nearly enough people, and I've just found this beautiful live on TV version of Tanzmuzik from Ralf & Florian, a gorgeous record that deserves a rerelease so fucking badly. Anyway, this is the best music I can imagine listening to as my brain turns to cotton wool and I fall blissfully asleep.

*For some reason, Kraftwerk will not allow any of their pre-Autobahn LPs to be reissued. Shame, because  Krafttwerk 1 & 2 (and Tone Float, by their pre-Kraftwerk band Organisation) contain moments of sublime genius, and their 3rd, Ralf & Florian is probably their most utterly lovely record.

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