Saturday, 10 March 2012

La Cavidad

Riff. Singularities. Excellent meth reference. And a lyric demonstrating an understanding of the implications of General Relativity. That'll fucking do for me.

I do like me some Cavity. Insert yr own joke here.


  1. Can a song ever be to loud or too dileberate...I don't think it can.

    I'm very partial to Cavity myself.

  2. Nope, y're dead right. Loud and deliberate are two essential ingredients for a killer riff. Dammit man, you gotta mean it, which is why good metal died on it's arse in the 80s. With the exception of St Vitus and a few like-minded idiots who understood the above.

    I miss Cavity. They straddled the clever/stupid line like the Spinal Tap of sludge, and never descended into cliche, and they just fucking swung.