Friday, 26 November 2010

El Acero Sagrado

And now we move from the devil's music to the lord's. I may not be a god-fearin' man (don't go there*) but good Gospel just nails me to the floor, and when you get into the Sacred Steel stuff, well, there ain't much that gives me the shivers like the Campbell Brothers. Think you know what a slide can do? Watch Chuck Campbell and learn.

*I come from a mental Irish family, and by birth I'm half orange and half green. For some reason this helped put me off religion for life...


  1. There's a reason AME churches are still in session at 3 in afternoon on Sunday.

    My Daddy will flip his lid when he hears this...this is the stuff comin' from the woods on Sunday afternoons...that made it impossible for him to listen to the Grand Ole Oprey* anymore. Put a radio of his own on the top of his wish list.

    He'll flip his lid when he hears this.

    I'd be shocked if that's not in Mississippi...or near by.

  2. *I have been working on him and his hatred of all things country...they warpped him bad as a youngin.

    For years he wouldn't even listen to Johnny Cash.