Wednesday, 10 November 2010

La Lata

I am a little blurry today, due to last nights single malt and free jazz overdose, meaning I must listen to krautrock at punishing volume to realign my brain cells, and Can at their most singleminedly metronomic is just about the only thing that'll do do the trick. So I thought I'd share, because deep down, everyone loves a damn good motoriking, and also because if y're still not convinced Jaki Liebezeit is the greatest fucking drummer ever, these videos provide incontrovertible proof of the absolute wrongness of yr opinion.


  1. Just one more reason to hate being at work right now...I couldn't get away with the sound.

  2. Excellent with coffee.

    Every time I see Damo's like he's oblivious to how absurd a concoction the band is. He's like Gary Young with Pavement...he's fronting the biggest rocknroll band ever...he's Robert Plant.

    Awesome...Paperhouse is untouchable.

    Thanks for posting these.