Wednesday, 3 November 2010

¡No Hablarás En Serio!

Go here. Read it. Read it again, because you really will not fucking believe what you just read. These people actually wield some power in this country. Fucking hell, I don't know whether to piss myself laughing or shit myself with fear. Although on reflection I think the laughter wins. And if ever there was an argument for an elected second chamber...*

Checks and balances my arse, I wouldn't trust that shower of shit to put their trousers on the right way round without a fucking instruction manual.

*You know, like in the rest of the civilised fucking world.

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  1. During my time spent in Oxford I met some people with plummy accents who explained patiently to colonial-me that the House of Lords was a marvellous idea in the abstract. It was almost sweet to hear such blatherings from the mouths of recreational drunkard postgrad girlies who figured daddy didn't love them because he didn't get a big enough pony, when I'd been used to hearing it from teenage communists.